Maastricht Cricket Club


We are Maastricht Cricket Club (MCC), a group of 50+ members who play every weekend in Maastricht. We are a team consisting of Dutch, Indians, Pakistani, English, Bangladeshi, Afghanistani, South Africa.

In Winters we play indoor practice sessions.

Cricket Ground Maastricht

First Game on Maastricht New Cricket Ground.

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ECL Tournament 2022 (Eindhoven)

MCC had successfully reached the semi finals for this tournament with the help of a great team and impeccable performance by each player at desperate times of need. Special appreciations to Imran for his impactful bowling.

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ESCC Tournament 2022 (Eindhoven)

We are proud to announce that we had reached the semi-finals in this tournament thanks to the wonderful team who helped us with match winning performances at crucial times.

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Netherlands vs Pak

Participated in Indoor Tape Ball Tournament organized by KNCB in Delft

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Pitch Finalization

Working on Leveling and Matting of Maastricht First Cricket Pitch

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Maastricht Cricket Ground

Construction for first Cricket Ground in Maastricht

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KNCB Indoor Tournament

Participated in Indoor Tape Ball Tournament organized by KNCB in Delft

Eindhoven Tournament 2021

We participated for Eindhoven Tennis Tournaments.

Goodbye Team Member

Bidding our Goodbyes for our players but we always stay connected.

Home Events

Our Regular Practise games

MCC Social Meeting 2021

Let's Play to STAY Healthy and connected